88th Annual Fort Bend County Fair & Rodeo - "Defying Challenges, Raising Champions"
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President's Letter

"Defying Challenges, Raising Champions"

A word from the 2024 Fort Bend County Fair President:


Welcome to the 88th Fort Bend County Fair & Rodeo! It's a privilege to be the President and to extend a warm welcome to everyone. Our fair isn't just a tradition; it's a celebration of inclusivity, where all children are welcomed with open arms. As someone who has been involved since my high school days, marching proudly with the BF Terry Ranger band in the iconic kickoff parade, I've seen firsthand how the fair brings families together and fosters a sense of community.

From volunteering my time to serve on committees to now leading as President, my journey with the Fort Bend County Fair has been deeply rewarding. I've watched as my own family, inspired by my involvement, has joined in, with my daughter running for fair queen and my son and daughter-in-law taking up roles as committee co-chairs. Now, I'm delighted to create new memories with my grandson, ensuring that every aspect of the fair is accessible and enjoyable for him.

This year, our theme, "Defying Challenges, Raising Champions," reflects our commitment to inclusivity. We strive to create an environment where everyone, regardless of age or ability, can participate and thrive. From the thrilling rodeo events to the excitement of the Ferris wheel, there's something for everyone to enjoy. Our Exceptional Rodeo, Old 300 Horse Show, and Special Citizens Day are just a few examples of how we cater to diverse interests and abilities.

As we gear up for the 88th Annual Fort Bend County Fair and Rodeo, I'm filled with anticipation for the joy and excitement that each event will bring. Whether it's the BBQ Cook Off weekend or the livestock exhibits, we're dedicated to making sure that every moment is filled with smiles and laughter. Join us from September 20 to October 6, 2024, as we come together to celebrate community, tradition, and inclusivity at the Fort Bend County Fair & Rodeo.

Alicia Casias, President

Fort Bend County Fair & Rodeo Association

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