88th Annual Fort Bend County Fair & Rodeo
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President's Letter

"Proud Traditions Inspiring Our Future"

A word from 2023 President, Jennifer Williams.

Howdy, Fair Family and Friends!

Welcome to the 87th year of the Fort Bend County Fair. Long before Beth Dutton and Yellowstone, the Fort Bend County Fair and Rodeo has supported the Western lifestyle, promoted agriculture, and advocated for our youth. To say that I am honored and proud to be able to lead the charge of this magnificent organization; well, let’s just say words can’t fully describe the emotional pride I take as this year’s Fair President.

Unlike our founding fathers who established this fair, or some of the Fair presidents I have served under, who come from families of generations who have volunteered and served this Fair, I am the first generation of my family to volunteer, be on committees, and now serve on the board. As a first-generation supporter, I can identify with many others who may be seeking an organization like ours. While I was not born into agriculture, I found my role within our fair family. Our fair, in the truest of statements, has something for everyone.

“Proud Traditions Inspiring our Future” is my fair theme for my presidential year. From riding in the parade as a small child to helping hang up banners as a high school student, these are the traditions that inspired me to become the person I am today. A person who cares for her community and takes initiative to make things better. Knowing the possibilities of the Fair’s influence, I am thrilled to be able to support the Fair’s traditions.

Our mission is to help our youth achieve their educational goals through our scholarship program and auctions that are like no other here in Fort Bend County. Know that when you pay your gate admission, you are doing your part to give back. I invite you to attend the 2023 Fort Bend County Fair and Rodeo. Enjoy the rodeo action, fair foods, livestock shows, wine room, elaborate carnival, live music, shopping, and more.

I am a mom, a volunteer, served as chairman, and have been a director-in-charge of many events; now, as President, I am steadfast in bringing awareness to the Fair, which is one of the most significant events held in Fort Bend County. As Fair President, I am committed to our Fair being more visible in the community and open to new ideas while continuing to provide great entertainment.

The 87th Annual Fort Bend County Fair and Rodeo will run from September 29 to October 8, 2023 and our BBQ cookoff will run September 22 -23. For more information or to get involved, visit fortbendcountyfair.com. See you at the Fair!

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