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The Fort Bend County Fair Association will award $4,000 scholarships to high school seniors graduating spring 2022 and 2nd-year applicants who received and completed a 2021Scholarship. 2nd Year Applications will be emailed to 1st Year Scholarship Recipients on December 20, 2021, via mack@fbcfa.org.

NOTE: The link above is to the electronic (Adobe Acrobat - PDF) copy of the scholarship application. A hard copy (non-electronic version) of this form is available at the Fort Bend County Fair Office during regular business hours. Please contact us for additional information.


  • Hand-Delivered Application Deadline - January 27, 2022
  • Mailed in Application Deadline for Entry - January 25, 2022
  • All information requested on your application must be completed or the application may be rejected.
  • If you need help or have questions about your application you may call the Fair Office at 281-342-6171 for clarification prior to the entry deadline.

Proceeds from the 2021 Fort Bend County Fair and the Fort Bend County Fair Life Membership Fund will provide $4,000 scholarships to Fort Bend County qualifying students. In addition, three Fort Bend County Fair Queen Scholarships will be awarded. Since 1979, the Fort Bend County Fair has awarded 971 scholarships to students.

2020 Scholarship Recipient Testimonials

I’m looking forward to pursuing a career in Ranch Management, this has been my dream since I was very young. I plan to attend Odessa College in the fall of 2021 where I will start my college career and compete on the Wrangler Rodeo Team. Once I finish my two years at Odessa College, I would like to further my education by attending TCU’s Ranch Management Program. This scholarship will help me pay for that program. It is very expensive to be a part of this program and has been my dream for the last four years. I have been saving for several years now and this scholarship will help significantly.
- Jake Bazar, Odessa Junior College

I am very honored to have received the Fort Bend County Fair Scholarship. I have shown livestock at the Fair since I was 8 years old and attended the fair from the time I was born. The Fort Bend County Fair Scholarship will help offset some of the costs of attending Texas A&M University. I am incredibly grateful for this scholarship, as it will help me further my education and pursue a career in aerospace engineering.
- Jack Bishop, Texas A&M University

Receiving this scholarship made me realize that yes, the money is satisfying – it will always be- but what trumps even that feeling is realizing that another individual read a paper version of me through my essay and application and felt that I was worthy of receiving that money. As a high school senior ready to embark on a long, difficult journey of adulthood, this feeling of worth is incomparable to any other. Learning that I received this scholarship made me want to ensure that I live up to every dollar I have received- that I seize this opportunity given to me by the scholarship and work my absolute hardest in college to make my family and all of the people associated to this scholarship proud!
- Esha Bora, University of Texas

I am so excited about receiving the Fort Bend County Fair Scholarship because of all the scholarships I applied for, this is the one that means the most to me since the Fort Bend County Fair has been a big part of my life. I have participated in the fair since the fifth grade showing several animals over the years. I have been blessed forging new friendships and learning so much about agriculture. Receiving the scholarship not only helps me and my family financially, but the sense of accomplishment and pride I feel is overwhelming. It means so much when your community acknowledges your achievements. I am forever grateful of receiving this scholarship!
- Jacob Bush, Texas A&M University

I am very thankful to receive the Fort Bend County Fair Scholarship. It will help me begin my studies at Sam Houston State University where I will study animal science. Raising and showing FFA projects has taught me perseverance, leadership, and patience. Catching my first calf at the fair began my love for cattle and I plan on growing my herd while attending college. I will always have fond memories of my time participating in events at the fair. Thank you for supporting agriculture and the students in our community.
- Benjamin Crippen, Sam Houston State University

This scholarship means so much to me as I have been involved in the Fort Bend County Fair since I was young kid with a bucket calf. It will benefit me greatly as I make my way through college here in the coming year to pursue an Agribusiness degree. It is a great blessing that of my hard work and dedication over the years involved in 4-H and FFA has paid off, and I am incredibly grateful for that. As I go into the next chapter of my life, I will remember all the great friends and memories the Fort Bend County Fair had brought me.
- Cade Dannhaus, South Plains College

Receiving the Fort Bend County Fair scholarship means more than just financial assistance in college. This scholarship is also a token of success that represents countless hours of hard work and dedication throughout many years of involvement. I have devoted a great portion of my early years to my livestock projects which makes receiving this scholarship feel like a dream come true. I am thankful beyond words for all the experiences made possible by the fair and to receive such an amazing scholarship. I will truly cherish every moment and memory granted to me by the Fort Bend County Fair.
- Cale Dannhaus, Wharton County Junior College

Being a part of the Fort Bend County Fair and participating in the livestock and ag mechanic shows was a challenging and rewarding experience. Earning this scholarship demonstrates that my hard work has paid off. Knowing that members of the FBCF board believe in my future success at Texas A&M University is greatly appreciated. I am very thankful for this scholarship as I begin my studies in Agribusiness and working toward earning my Aggie ring.
- Jared Demny, Texas A&M University

I am so appreciative to be a recipient of the Fort Bend County Fair Association 2021 Scholarship. This will give me the opportunity to attend the University of St. Thomas to study mechanical engineering. The FBCF has been an important part of my life throughout my high school years. It helped shape me into the person I am today and I will be forever grateful. I am looking forward to the new chapter in my life but I hope to continue being involved with the Fort Bend County Fair year after year. Primarily, this scholarship gives me a sense of accomplishment. After dedicating countless hours towards raising projects and volunteering with the FBCF, it warms my heart to have something to show for it. It makes me happy to know that the FBCF cares about their students in this way and I am honored to have received this.
- Lauren Dysarz, University of St. Thomas

I’m extremely blessed and grateful to have been selected to receive a scholarship through the Fort Bend County Fair. The Fort Bend County Fair has given me many opportunities and has taught me many valuable lessons over the years that I will cherish for a lifetime. With the help of the Fort Bend County Fair; I will continue my education to accomplish my goals of becoming an Equine Embryologist and owning my very own horse breeding operation. I will forever be grateful for all opportunities I have been given and the lessons I have learned growing up showing and rodeoing at the Fort Bend County Fair. Thank you, Fort Bend County Fair, for all the love and support you continue to give even after we take that last step out of the show ring or the arena.
- Keylee Ernest, Wharton County Junior College

I want to make a difference in the challenging, ever changing world of health care as a neurosurgeon. This scholarship means so much to me. It will aid with tuition and get me closer to achieving my dream and goals. Not only are you making a difference in my life, but in the lives of my future patients and the community. Your confidence in me, reaffirms that my dreams can come true. I appreciate your support deeply.
- Alyssa Garza, University of Texas

Since I was a little girl the Fort Bend County Fair has been a big part of my life, from being a volunteer with my parents, to becoming an exhibitor. All the while seeing scholarships being given out to Seniors to help them go to college. I hoped one day to have worked hard enough to become one of those lucky Seniors. My parents have worked hard to help me not only achieve that goal, but also to get a college education. So being accepted for this Scholarship, also being part of such a great community makes me excited.
- Skylar Hanson, Blinn College

Fort Bend County Fair has played a big role in my life, and I am honored to be awarded this scholarship. The scholarship will help me attend Texas Tech University to major in Animal Science. My goal to become a large animal veterinarian may be far away, but with the support from Fort Bend County Fair and with the help of this scholarship, I am one step closer.
- Faith Harms, Texas Tech University

There are no words to describe how grateful I am to Fort Bend County Fair and the committee members. My involvement as a Jr. Livestock volunteer, participation with Exceptional Rodeo, and being in the ring for many livestock shows has given me the drive and dedication I carry with me for everything I do. Winning the Miss Congeniality scholarship and receiving the FBCF 1st year scholarship will help me further my education and allow me to use this passion I have discovered through this organization to teach the future of agriculture and bring them back to the place I called home for 4 years. I cannot thank Fort Bend County Fair enough for the countless opportunities and joy it has given me throughout my high school experience.
- Jewel Koenig, Stephen F. Austin State University

Receiving the Fort Bend County Fair Scholarship is very meaningful to me because of the impact the fair has had on my life. It shows that the hard work and countless hours I put into my fair projects and volunteering for the Junior Livestock Committee has helped me with my future plans. I am so thankful for all of the memories I have had from the Fort Bend County Fair and the numerous life lessons I have acquired. This scholarship will allow me to achieve my goal of becoming an orthodontist by helping me pay for the many years of school I have ahead of me. I am really grateful for this opportunity.
- Jenna Lindemann, Texas A&M University

Receiving this scholarship is an honor and I am truly grateful for being a recipient. This scholarship means a great deal to me, because it proves that hard work and dedication pays off. I have spent countless hours putting in the work for my grades, my community, and extracurricular activities; and receiving this scholarship shows that all that hard work does come with benefits. Aside from that this scholarship is a very big financial blessing that I will help a lot for college tuition.
- Hayley Patton, Texas A&M University

To me this scholarship means an opportunity to further my education and work towards fulfilling my dream of becoming a veterinarian. Being a part of the Fort Bend County Fair has taught me about agriculture, leadership, and being teachable. I was able to try many things for the first time like showing a pig and running for fair queen; I also met so many incredible people that I know I can go to for anything. Thank you, Fort Bend County Fair, for helping become the person I am today.
- Kate Rabich, Texas A&M University

This scholarship is a tremendous honor for my family and me. I will be the first child out of my siblings to attend a major university, and we are thrilled for what the future will bring me. The Fort Bend County Scholarship will help me pay for my college studies. Knowing the university will cost quite a bit, every scholarship I receive will be greatly and upmost appreciated. Therefore, thank you so much for choosing me as a recipient of this scholarship!
- Arianna Rodriguez, Texas A&M University

This scholarship means a lot to me because it will help me with my first year in college with purchasing items needed for my education including books, classes and other school supplies. This scholarship will alleviate some of the financial burden so that I don’t have to rely on my parents in order to attend college. It was an honor to receive this scholarship because for the past nine years I have participated at the Fort Bend County Fair by showing livestock, being a member of the junior livestock committee, junior miss contestant and arts and craft shows. I have enjoyed every year that I participated at the county fair. One of my favorite parts of the fair was being able to help other exhibitors with their livestock projects. I have always wanted to make a difference in the community and winning this scholarship assured that for me.
- Cassidy Smith, Blinn College

Having shown at the Fort Bend County Fair since I was eight, seeing the fair change and grow over the years, it means so much to be honored with a scholarship from an organization that has already given me so many opportunities to succeed. My family is nothing but grateful for the sense of responsibility and accomplishment the fair has given myself, as well as two of my brothers. It is bittersweet ending my showing career with the Fort Bend County Fair, but this scholarship is a great motivation to work hard towards my degree in Agricultural finance to one day benefit the fair for future scholarship recipients.
- Thomas Smith, Blinn College

Fort Bend County Fair has been a major part of my life for the past four years. Receiving the FBCF scholarship truly shows me what an amazing community the graduates of 2021 have behind them. The FBCF scholarship will allow for me to further my education at Texas A&M University with hopes of attending vet school post undergrad. Fort Bend County Fair allowed me to become a fierce competitor, better leader, and more compassionate person.
- Erin Stockland, Texas A&M University

It is a great honor to receive the Fort Bend County Fair scholarship. Throughout the years the fair has been a significant part of my life teaching me the value of hard work and responsibility. It has been a privilege to participate in events such as livestock shows, exceptional rodeo, and many other fair activities. As this chapter in my life is coming to a close, I will cherish all the memories and friends that I have made through the Fort Bend County Fair. Thank you for all of the amazing opportunities and continued support by investing in my future!
- Kendall Sullivan, Tarleton State University

For being a participant in many Fort Bend County Fair projects, this scholarship means so much to me. I learned a lot about responsibility, hard work, and working with animals along with other people and organizations. It’s been a wonderful opportunity for me to be awarded this scholarship to further my education.
- Kayle Trombley, Wharton County Junior College

Receiving the FBCF Scholarship allows me the opportunity to continue my education at Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas. It will help reduce my education expenses and allow me to focus more on my classes to obtain my degree. I’m very grateful to the FBCF Scholarship committee for helping me come a step closer to reaching my educational goals.
- Mia Turner, Texas State University

The Fort Bend County Fair Scholarship allows me to pursue my dream of becoming an elementary school teacher. Without my family moving to Fort Bend County before my 8th grade year, I would’ve never had the opportunity to show livestock and meet my high school agriculture teacher. My goal in life is to impact as many students in the same way my agriculture teacher impacted me. Along with impacting my students, I want to be able to encourage agriculture awareness at a young age and help develop the next generation of agriculture enthusiasts. To achieve this goal, I first plan to attend Blinn College and then transfer to Texas A&M University majoring in Education.
- Reagan Wichman, Blinn College

From baking cookies to raising livestock, I have grown up with the Fort Bend County Fair. It has given me a sense of community and introduced me to the profession I want to pursue. My participation in FBCF events instilled a strong work ethic and built my self-esteem. Because of the FBCF Scholarship, I am now even more confident that I will achieve my educational goals. Thank you to everyone involved in the FBCF for this generous gift. As a FBCF Scholarship recipient, I promise to always give my best efforts.
- Trinity Zanutto, Texas A&M University

Receiving this scholarship means so much to me because it will help me achieve my dreams. The FBCF and FFA have been a huge part of my life in these past few years, and being a part of such organizations led me to my calling to be a florist. Now once again the FBCF Scholarship is helping me become who I am called to be. I am so grateful for the continued support from the fair throughout the years.
- Victoria Bernard, The University of Dallas

Receiving this scholarship helps allow me to pursue my dreams and goals in the agriculture industry. In addition, this opportunity allows me to focus more on my education and less on my financial responsibilities. I am honored and beyond grateful to have received the Fort Bend County Fair scholarship for a second time. Being chosen for this scholarship motivates me even more because I know others believe that I will succeed.
- Kassidi Davis, Texas A&M University

This scholarship means a lot to me. It has always been my dream to follow in the footsteps of my grandfather and become a large animal veterinarian. I am hoping to specialize in equine but would love to work on all large animals. Receiving this scholarship gives me the opportunity to take the required courses and to also take some classes that will help me receive an equine certificate and my degree. Without this scholarship it would take me longer to achieve my big dreams, but now I am able to take extra classes that will help me reach my dream job sooner.
- Jenna Evans, Tarleton State University

Growing up in the Fort Bend Community has given me so many opportunities. Receiving this scholarship means that I can continue my education at Texas A&M University knowing I have the love and support from the county that I have had the privilege to call my home all my life. This year, although limited in some aspects, has been one filled with growth, ambition, and development. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for me.
- Abigail Garza, Texas A&M University

This scholarship means more to me than just money, it means being able to continue my higher education, which is such a privilege and I am more than grateful. With this gift I will advance the horizons of my education even further with the support of the Fort Bend County Fair which is more than I could ever ask for. With this being said, not only will I use this support to further my education, but I will share my knowledge with the community at Texas A&M University to advance other’s educational goals. Thank you, Fort Bend County Fair and community, for supporting my dreams!
- Ryan Hartfiel, Texas A&M University

This scholarship has allowed me to successfully complete my first year of undergraduate studies without the burden of financial struggles. As a pre-medical student, this scholarship has allowed me time to focus more on academics, organizations, and taking part in my community. I am thankful to be receiving this scholarship for the second year in a row.
- Jordan Holub, University of Houston

Being a part of the agriculture department at SFASU has allowed me to pursue many different interests of mine. This scholarship will continue to assist me at SFASU. It has allowed me to become further educated about my interests in agriculture, such as poultry management and horticulture. It has also allowed me to learn about topics that I will teach as a public-school agriculture teacher. Soon, it’ll allow me to learn about the things I will need to know to be an FFA advisor. This scholarship means the world to me and my future students.
- Kaylee McClanahan, Stephen F. Austin State University

I feel absolutely honored to be chosen as a 2nd year recipient of the Fort Bend County Fair Scholarship. Life in the Texas A&M University College of Engineering is not something to breeze through. I have worked countless hours studying and preparing myself for very difficult classes, and boy I was not disappointed. With so much stress coming from my schooling, I am very glad to have support along the way, especially from family and friends. Now, I am truly blessed to have the Fort Bend County Fair’s support as well through these stressful but rewarding years. Receiving this scholarship pushes me even further to my future goals of working at a large company such as SpaceX, Boeing, or Amazon. I feel confident that with the support of those around me, I will thrive in Aggieland. Thank you and Gig ‘em.
- Abbey Myska, Texas A&M University

college education. They have helped my family ease the burden of college tuition and opened an endless number of opportunities for me at Texas A&M University. Due to this generous scholarship, I am able to work towards my dream of being an Aggie and earning a double major. The FBCFA gave me such memorable experiences growing up and continues to change lives as I grow older. It is truly a special organization that I am so thankful to be representing.
- Sydney Plemons, Texas A&M University

To be able to receive the Fort Bend County Fair Scholarship, this truly means a lot to me and will be used toward furthering my academic career down the road at a major university. After I conclude my time at Blinn College, I plan to further my education at Texas Tech University for the next two years and receiving this scholarship adds a great amount of assistance in me fulfilling this. The Fort Bend County Fair has been a huge part of life for the past 19 years and given me so much and for that, I am forever grateful.
- Kelton Poe, Blinn College

I am extremely blessed and grateful to receive the Fort Bend County Fair Scholarship for the 2nd year. This scholarship isn't just helping financially, but it is supporting my education to become an Ag teacher. This organization has contributed so much to my personal growth in agriculture, and I am excited to continue to pursue my passion at Texas A&M.
- Cambrie Reinhardt, Texas A&M University

It is an honor to be a second-year recipient of the Fort Bend County Fair Scholarship. Receiving this scholarship has been a goal of mine ever since I began exhibiting livestock when I was just nine years old. Agriculture has and always will play a big role in my life, so to me this scholarship means that I will be able to earn an education and give back to the industry that has given so much to me. I plan on transferring to Texas A&M University in the Spring of 2022 where I will later graduate with a degree in Agricultural Science and a teaching certificate. I am forever grateful to the Fort Bend County Fair for all of the opportunities it has allowed me over the years.
- Cassidy Tiemann, Blinn College

Receiving this scholarship will allow me to continue my education by helping relieve some of the burden of college expenses. There are many other expenses that come along with college such as housing, supplies, and other necessary resources. Although college is a very expensive form of education, I will not let expenses hinder my education. This scholarship is giving me the chance to grow in my education by allowing me to focus on my studies. It is relieving some of the pressure by allowing me to not have to take out as many loans in the future. I will be able to search for internships related to my field of study and not just any job that does not benefit my education. Internships will allow me to find a career that is focused on my major and will let me gain more experience by being more hands-on. Being a recipient of this scholarship is allowing me to be one step closer to achieving my goal of graduating with a degree in Agricultural Economics in the top of my class. Reaching this goal is going to allow me to find more opportunities in the future.
- Megan Vacek, Texas A&M University

Thank you to the Fort Bend County Fair Association for honoring me with this scholarship! The Fair Association is helping me pursue my education at the University of Houston where I am an engineer major who hopes to later build agriculturally sustainable communities. The Fort Bend County Fair helped me ignite my passion for agriculture, and now, I share the same goal as the fair: promote and protect agriculture. Thank you for helping my dreams come true!
- Jillian Voehl, University of Houston

As the Fort Bend County Fair has shaped me into the person I am today, I am beyond honored and humbled to receive this scholarship for the second year. Since I was 12 years old the fair has been a huge part of my life. Not only has it given me the opportunity to raise livestock but to also volunteer my time and make lifelong friendships. The fair has taught me a number of things, but the most important being to always show compassion towards others. This is one of the many reasons that I have chosen the path of nursing for my future career. This scholarship will help me greatly as I begin my second year in college and head off to nursing school. I am extremely proud and so very thankful to have been a part of such a wonderful organization.
- Kyla Wieghat, Stephen F. Austin University
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