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Congratulations to our 2023 scholarship recipients!!

The Fort Bend County Fair Association will award $5,000 scholarships to high school seniors graduating Spring 2023 and 2nd-year applicants who received and completed a 2022 Scholarship. 2nd Year Application & Rules have been emailed to 1st year scholarship recipients.


  • Hand-Delivered Application Deadline - January 26, 2023 4:00 PM
  • Mailed in Application Deadline (Postmarked) - January 26, 2023
  • Transcripts must be emailed to kharris@fbcfa.org or mailed to PO Box 428 Rosenberg, TX 77471 directly from the school.
  • All information requested on your application must be completed or the application may be rejected.
  • If you need help or have questions about your application you may call the Fair Office at 281-342-6171 for clarification prior to the entry deadline.
Proceeds from the 2022 Fort Bend County Fair and the Fort Bend County Fair Life Membership Fund will provide $5,000 scholarships to Fort Bend County qualifying students. In addition, three Fort Bend County Fair Queen Scholarships will be awarded. Since 1979, the Fort Bend County Fair has awarded 1005 scholarships to students.

2022 Scholarship Recipient Testimonials

This scholarship means so much to me and will help me to pay for college and allow me to pursue many different opportunities at Texas A&M University such as study abroad programs and many organizations. This scholarship will alleviate pressure for me and allow me to work hard and focus on my education. Through the Fort Bend County Fair, I have gained an appreciation for agriculture and learned so much. This past year, I participated in the home economics division and entered eight different projects in photography, baked goods, and arts and crafts divisions, coming home with all blue ribbons and a Reserve Grand and a Best of Class. Even though I got a late start participating at the Fair due to Covid, I feel I made the most of my situation during my last year in high school. I think that the Fort Bend County Fair is a hidden treasure that needs to be discovered. The community I saw at the Fort Bend County Fair was unlike no other and I was proud to be a part of it, if only for a short time.
- Gianna Aldrett, Texas A&M University

What does this scholarship mean to me? Well to be quite honest, I didn’t know if I was going to be one of the winners of this Fort Bend County Fair Scholarship and I am truly blessed to receive it. I am so grateful that I was able to show my livestock for 4 straight years at this county fair and wouldn’t change it for the world. Being announced as one of the recipients and receiving the congratulations email made me excited. I could not believe that I had won such an amount of money to help my parents pay for me to go to college. I would like to say thank you to the Fort Bend County Fair for allowing me to show livestock for 4 years and for giving me the opportunity to earn this scholarship which I will forever be grateful for. I am filled with joy and couldn’t say thank you enough.
- Zachary Barber, Blinn College

I am extremely grateful to have received the second year Fort Bend County Fair Scholarship. I prioritize academics in my life, so it is very rewarding when doing so pays off. This scholarship will help offset the ever-increasing cost of tuition. I hope to put this scholarship to good use by continuing to prioritize school and finish my engineering degree on time.
- Jack Bishop, Texas A&M University

This scholarship, the Fort Bend County Fair scholarship, has been one of the forces that keeps me grounded to my purpose. It reminds me there are people that believed in me and my story and felt that I was worth being made a scholar. There are people like close family and friends that will obviously believe in me, regardless of ups and downs I have; however, receiving a scholarship like this one shows me that there is worth in the work I have done till now and that I should continue to grow like this.
- Esha Bora, University of Texas at Austin

The Fort Bend County Fair has had a huge impact on my life, and I have been so extremely grateful to have earned this scholarship. This scholarship will benefit me throughout my first year of college. Receiving this scholarship will help me pursue my plans academically and futuristically. I plan to attend Lone Star-CyFair my first year and transfer into Tarleton State University to major in Nursing. In conclusion, this scholarship means that hard work does pay off. If you keep striving with the help of your family and friends, you will succeed.
- Reaghan Bucek, Lone Star College

It is hard to put into words how blessed I feel to receive this scholarship. The scholarship means so much to me for a few different reasons. Last year about 3 months into my freshman year here at South Plains I suffered from a Sub-dermal and Epidermal Hematoma. I was hospitalized for weeks and in the ICU for 10 days. It was an awfully Scary time for me. I could have had severe brain damage or even died due to the immense pressure all the blood was putting on my brain. While it was a tough 4 months I have slowly bounced back and I am committed to be better on the other side of this whole thing. Obviously, I could not control what happened to me and it was not my fault but the whole experience has given me a new drive to work harder and be better at everything I do. With all that being said when I logged on my computer this morning and saw that I had received the scholarship it made me feel like my hard work is starting to pay off, and like all the pain and tribulations I went through were not for nothing. I feel so grateful and blessed to receive this scholarship because I am fully aware there are many well deserving kids that could have received it. I would like to thank the entire Fort Bend County Fair Association and the scholarship committee for all their hard work they do for us kids heading off to college. Thank you so much, God bless you all
- Cade Dannhaus, South Plains College

When we look at someone, we just see their own person. We do not see their struggle, and we do not see what builds them up. Imagine if when we looked at each other, we could see the aspects of what each person’s own life is composed of. If you could look at me to see what I am composed of, much of what would be seen is the Fort Bend County Fair. Winning this scholarship means materializing this ideology. With the help of this scholarship, I can pursue my degree in mechanical engineering here at the University of St. Thomas. I know that I can make it through to completing this degree, and when I do, the Fort Bend County Fair will be one of the reasons for my success. I am also incredibly happy with the fact that the Fort Bend County Fair helped me during my high school days and is still supporting me through my college years. Thank you and I am honored to have received this.
- Lauren Dysarz, University of St. Thomas in Houston

I am extremely honored and blessed to receive this scholarship from the Fort Bend Country Fair for the second year in a row. Receiving this scholarship for the second year will definitely help me with my tuition for my last year at Wharton Country Junior College before I transfer to Texas A&M University. It means the world to me that the Fort Bend County Fair still shows it’s love and support even after we take that last step out of the show ring or rodeo arena. Thank you Fort Bend County Fair for all your love and support through out the years!
- Keylee Ernest, Wharton County Jr. College

I am honored to be one of the 2022 recipients of a Fort Bend County Fair Scholarship. After many years of being a livestock exhibitor at the fair, I am proud that the Fort Bend County Fair Association believes in me and is willing to invest in my future. This scholarship will allow me to attend Sam Houston State University and pursue a degree in Animal Science. I hope to return one day to Fort Bend County as a large animal veterinarian.
- Lillian Fiser, Sam Houston State University

Provided the Fort Bend County Fair (FBCF) Scholarship Program, I will be granted further financial contribution towards my long-desired goal of studying nursing at the University of Houston. Nonetheless, this scholarship means I will be taking one step closer to both my educational and career goals, in honor of the FBCF. I hold much gratitude towards the FBCF and all of its workers, participants, and volunteers as each have provided me with values and skills that I will implement into my future—alongside this scholarship. I hope to continue my involvement with the FBCF as I endure the journey into my future through the aid of this scholarship.
- Brianna Kaminsky, University of Houston

Mahatma Gandhi once said, “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” The Fort Bend County Fair has been a part of my life for the past ten years. I have had the honor and privilege of showing livestock, evaluating livestock, participating in the arts & crafts division and so much more. Most notable is the honor to have served as a Junior Livestock Volunteer for four of those years. My goal was to give the gift of time to my community that has given me so much. Winning this scholarship means that the Fort Bend County Fair will continue to support me as I take the next step into a new chapter in my life. I’m thrilled to have the Fort Bend County Fair join me in the next adventure as I learn even more about Agricultural Sciences. The fair has helped me “find” the person I am today. For this, I am forever grateful! The Fort Bend County Fair has always boosted me upward towards much success, and I hope one day I can return the amount of support and love they have given me all these years!
- Christie Koerth, Blinn College

Despite being surrounded my medical professionals all my life, I did not want any part of medicine. One day I would want to be an actor, the next a professor, and the next a vaguely termed “technologist”. My parents are both medical professionals, and when we took a family trip to Nigeria three years ago, they ran a medical clinic for our community. Seeing how lives were changed through the advances of medicine and the positive impact my parents had on others through their careers, I knew that I wanted to follow in their footsteps. Now, as a high school senior, I have the opportunity to do so by pursuing higher education. The Fort Bend County Fair Scholarship brings me one step closer to becoming a medical professional (specifically a radiologist). Its support will give me a firm foundation as I study at the University of Texas at Austin as a premed student. The road ahead in college and medical school will not be easy. However, with the aid of this scholarship, I will be granted substantial support as I embark on the hardest journey of my life.
- Michael Ogu, University of Texas at Austin

The Fort Bend County Fair Scholarship motivates me to continue my path to a dual major in mechanical engineering and design, so I can eventually support my community as they have with me. I’ve so gratefully experienced first-hand support through the Fort Bend County Fair since my Freshman year of high school, and I hope to give back all and more of the benefits the Fort Bend County Fair has graciously given to me. This scholarship will support me in doing more community service and research — exploring the potential of human-centered design.
- Zoe Puno, University of Texas at Austin

Receiving this scholarship, allows me to attend Baylor University in the fall. This scholarship is a definite, monetary award to showcase and prove that my hard work has paid off. Over the years, I dedicated myself to my academic achievements and then into FFA and the agricultural lifestyle. I hope to continue my passion for agriculture into college and the workforce. Thank you again to the Fort Bend County Fair Association and my sponsors for awarding me this generous scholarship!
- Lauren Richey, Baylor University

Being a recipient of the Fort Bend County Fair Scholarship provides me with unlimited opportunities to continue my education. Attaining this scholarship allows me to work towards my dreams of becoming a pediatrician. Although this journey will be a long one, I know that the support I have received from family, friends, and the Fort Bend County Fair will always be there. This scholarship means that all the hard work and effort I have out in from academics to extracurriculars has paid off and is shown by this amazing opportunity. The Fort Bend County Fair Scholarship truly shows how much the FBCF cares about the community and the education of the future generations.
- Vanessa Rodriguez, Texas State University

It was an honor the be selected to receive a Fort Bend County Fair scholarship. This scholarship shows me that my hard work and dedication is valued and that my future is important to others in my community. I am very thankful to the Fort Bend County Fair Association for believing in me, and always being a champion for the youth in our community.
- Kaden Rohan, Blinn College

I am very appreciative to receive such a great scholarship. I have gotten to experience so much at the Fort Bend County Fairgrounds, including showing livestock, serving on the Junior Livestock Committee, and getting to meet and work with a lot of great people through the years. This scholarship will help me pursue my education in criminal justice. Thank you, Fort Bend County Fair Association.
- Ross Salge, Blinn College

I am so thankful to be a recipient of the Fort Bend County Fair Scholarship. I have exhibited animals at the FBCF since I was 8 years old. Raising animals taught me the importance of dedication, hard work and leadership. I loved every minute of being in the show arena and volunteering my time through the Junior Livestock Committee. I hope that I can now continue to support the future youth of Fort Bend County by volunteering alongside the many men and women who encouraged me during my many years showing at the fair. I am excited to be able to use this money to help further my education and pursue a degree in Ag Business. Thank you to Fort Bend County Fair for supporting the youth of our county.
- Austin Stanley, Wharton County Junior College

This scholarship is a gift that I will always be grateful for. The Fort Bend County Fair has been a large part of my life since I was child. From watching my sister sing the National Anthem before the rodeo, watching the rodeo with my family, participating in the art exhibits, and spending time in the show barns with family and friends, the Fort Bend County Fair has been an event I have always enjoyed. It will always be an event dear to my heart because of all the memories made with friends and family. This scholarship will aid in my financial ability to pursue my degree at Texas A&M University. I will be able to focus on my studies with a fraction of the financial burden alleviated by this scholarship. I cannot thank the Fort Bend County Fair Association enough, and I cannot wait to give back to the Fair in the years to come.
- Cade Stavinoha, Texas A&M University

Being awarded the F.B.C.F.A. scholarship is a surreal experience for me. The Fort Bend County Fair has held a special place in my heart for the past 15 years. From listening to my sister sing the National Anthem on a yearly basis to spending time with my friends and family, I have continued to develop relationships and find appreciation for all that goes on at the fair. This scholarship is truly humbling. In high school, I have worked extremely hard to excel in school and be involved within my community. Over the course of the past four years, I have learned that dedication to my goals and service to others is valuable beyond measure. Being awarded this scholarship allows me to see the possibilities that can be found within a well-rounded life. I cannot thank the Fort Bend County Fair Association enough for their generosity. The difference that it has made in my life drives me to want to eventually be able to have the same impact on the lives of others as a member of the association in my near future. With this scholarship, I will work to the best of my abilities to become the best person and student to make the best use of this award.
- Colton Stavinoha, Texas A&M University

I am extremely thankful for receiving the Fort Bend County Fair Scholarship. I have spent many years growing up attending the fair and showing livestock including steers and goats during the event. The Fair has always meant a great deal to me and receiving this is such an honor and privilege! This money will allow me to accomplish my dream of attending Sam Houston State University and pursuing my degree in Business Management.
- Keeli Teykl, Same Houston State University

The FBCF 2nd Year Scholarship allows me the opportunity to continue my education at Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas. It will continue to help reduce my education expenses and allow me to continue to focus on my courses needed to obtain my degree. I’m very grateful to the FBCF Scholarship committee for continuing to help me reach my educational goals.
- Mia Turner, Texas State University

Receiving a scholarship from an organization as prestigious as the Fort Bend County Fair is an accomplishment I will hold on to for the rest of my life. In the fall I will be studying Nutrition at Texas A&M University, and with the help of this scholarship that remains possible. Attending Texas A&M has been a dream of mine since I was a little girl and I have also been involved in the Fort Bend County Fair for as long as I can remember. Receiving this scholarship is so special to me because it is from an organization that has made the person that I am today.
- Bailey Vasquez, Texas A&M University

For the past four years, the Ft. Bend County Fair and Rodeo has meant show rings, hours spent bathing, walking, and prepping my pigs for the show, time spent with classmates camped up in chairs throughout the arena, and the thrill of showing in a ring in front of my family and friends. This past Spring, it took on a new meaning for me. As I look back fondly on my time showing at the Ft. Bend County Fair, I can now add hope for a future to what this fair means to me. Being awarded the Ft. Bend County Fair Scholarship allows me to begin this next step on my journey to becoming and Agriculture Sciences Teacher. I plan to attend Tarleton State University in the Fall and major in Animal Sciences. It is my hope to return to Ft. Bend and obtain a teaching position at the high school level. I want to be the type of FFA advisor that encourages my students to push themselves beyond their limits, achieve more than they dreamed they could and to find their passion. This scholarship ensures that I can fulfill my dreams of pursuing a career in agriculture and enables me to help promote agriculture careers to future generations. Although my days in the Ft. Bend County Fair show ring are over, I look forward to one day returning with a group of my own students and watching them find their passion for agriculture on the fairgrounds.
- Colin Wall, Tarleton State University

I am so thankful to the Fort Bend County Fair for taking a chance on me to prove myself academically. Receiving this scholarship gave me the validation that I am doing what is right by me. By receiving this scholarship, I have the opportunities to engage in activities that I wouldn’t have been able to before. One of my main goals academically is to pursue a PhD, and this award will help me immensely in my progression. I grew up hearing about county fairs and I've always thought that they revolved around purely agriculture events but learning about the art auction of Fort Bend County Fair was something that really spoke to me because I was able to contribute something beyond agriculture. I’m very appreciative of how the Fair is diversifying to enable students to be exposed to other venues beyond agriculture. I would like to thank the Fair again for expanding to include more fundraising opportunities for high school students, like myself.
- Megan Wittig, University of Texas at Austin

I am very grateful for receiving the Fort Bend County Fair Scholarship as it will help fund my first year of education at Tarleton State University. I plan to major in Business Management and graduate from the Honors College. Receiving this scholarship is an honor as the Fort Bend County Fair is well known and respected. Paying for a college education can be very stressful, but receiving this scholarship will help my family and I tremendously throughout this process. I appreciate this opportunity to help me fulfill my dream of getting a college education and being a Tarleton Texan.
- Emily Wittneben, Tarleton State University

I found myself enamored with the periodic table in 7th-grade chemistry class, amazed at the neat little boxes containing specific traits that somehow forms everything that exists. Chemistry became part of my daily routine that year and a part of my future. The Fort Bend County Fair scholarship will bring me closer to my short-term goal of getting my undergraduate degree at UT Austin and my long term goal of improving the healthcare system through chemistry research. It is an honor to be a 2022 Scholarship recipient, and I am excited to start my college experience with this level of support that will propel me throughout the years.
- Kaylee Yu, University of Texas at Austin

From baking cookies to raising livestock, I grew up with the Fort Bend County Fair. It gave me a sense of community and introduced me to the profession that I want to pursue. As a scholarship recipient, I am extremely grateful for the many ways that Fort Bend County Fair promotes Agriculture and supports education. Thank you to everyone involved in the FBCF for this generous gift.
- Trinity Zanutto, Texas A&M University

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